Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi today addressed two rallies in Kerala on the second last day of campaigning in the state. While he reiterated the NYAY yojana, Rahul Gandhi also slammed divisive politics in a veiled attack on the BJP and the LDF. He said that any type of division in this country weakens this country and drew a parallel by saying that any division of Kerala will weaken the state. He said the Congress believes that all Indians are equal. The Congress ideology is the belief that all Indians are equal and only when we are united will we progress. This ideology has delivered development for many decades now will continue to do so for many decades to come, said Rahul Gandhi. He claimed that whatever progress is today seen in India is due to the ideology of the Congress party. Whatever progress you see in India today, whatever institutions you see today have all come out of the Congress ideology. The success of India so far has come as a result of the work of the people of India and the Congress party, said the Congress leader. He said that the first thing that the UDF government will give Kerala if voted to power, is a peaceful, harmonious and tranquil Kerala. Talking about the much-talked-about social justice programme NYAY, Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress looks at common people to find the solution to their problems. We come with intelligent solutions. We dont look at Karl Marxs book to find these solutions, we look to you to find these solutions. We appeal not to the intelligence of one man, but to the intelligence of the people of Kerala, he said. He added, For the first time in this states history, we are going to guarantee a minimum income for every citizen in Kerala. Rs 6000 a month, Rs 72,000 a year, will go into every poor persons account until that person is out of poverty, Rahul claimed. Rahul Gandhi said that NYAY yojana will solve three problems to kickstart the economy and generate jobs. NYAY Yojana is going to solve 3 problems: 1. The problem of poverty – there will be no poor people left in Kerala, 2. Unemployment, 3. Economic stagnation.The moment NYAY starts, the magic will start. Once people have money they will start buying things and create a demand for products. When there is a demand people will start making those products, factories will reopen create employment, he said. Rahul Gandhi claimed that he has come with a proposal for the future that addresses the major problems people are facing today. He said that if the UDF government comes to power, it will take concrete steps to solve the problems. Kerala will vote in a single-phase poll on April 6. The counting of votes will take place on May 2.